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If you are preparing to start cosmetology school, or have thought about starting cosmetology school, chances are that you have come face-to-face with the daunting beast that is financial aid.
“Beast” may seem like a terrifying word, but we use it for good reason. After all, many students feel petrified when they face it, but like any beast – it can be tamed – which is what we hope to do here.
If you are feeling daunted by financial aid do not fret, the admissions department here at The Salon Professional Academy St. Louis can guide you through every step, but if you aren’t ready for that quite yet, here are the basics, laid out in easily digestible bits.

All about financials

First, let’s get the ground work out of the way

    • TSPA St. Louis accepts federal financial aid. To get started, you will need to fill out the FAFSA.
    • FAFSA is the free online application for federal aid and grants, such as the Pell Grant.
    • The FAFSA application is free and easy. To make it even easier, make sure you have the listed documents ready, such as your social security number and tax returns, and you can be done in no time.
    • You can include up to ten schools in your FAFSA application, so if you haven’t settled on a beauty school yet, you can include them all while you continue your research.

Now, that we know what the basics of the FAFSA is, let’s look at the different types of financial aid and assistance that could be available to you

      • Federal Student Loans– We covered how to apply for federal aid, and while this borrowed money for school can cover all or some of your tuition*, it’s important to note that it will need to be paid back once you leave school. Borrow wisely to avoid an undue burden after graduation.
      • Scholarships– One way to help ease the burden of those borrowed funds is by utilizing scholarships. There are many different ways to find scholarships, through work or community organizations for example. In addition, there are websites such as Beauty Changes Lives that help you locate beauty specific scholarships to apply for.*
      • Grants– Grants are another form of aid that do not need to be paid back. Awarded based on financial need, you can find available grants through federal forms and other local groups*. If you need help locating either scholarships or grants ask your admissions advisor, they will likely have many more options for you to explore.

We’ve covered the basics of applying and the type of aid you can find, but what happens next?

        • Once your application is submitted your school will gain access to your forms, and will be notified when they have been reviewed and your award amount has been decided*.
        • After your award amount has been determined you’ll have a sit down with your advisor and go over the details. If everything looks hunky dorey it’s time to finish your admissions process and begin school.

Financial aid is a valuable tool that everyone here at TSPA St. Louis is proud to offer our students.

Are you ready to get started? Schedule a consultation with one of our wonderful enrollment counselors to get everything moving and make your dreams that much closer to reality.

*Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Grants are available to those who qualify. Please see the disclosures on the individual loans, scholarships, and grants you are applying for to view the requirements.