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The Salon Professional Academy Blog

Once you have completed your beauty school journey, the next step for a lot of newly grads is starting work in a salon. Whether it’s booth rental or commission there are some things that people don’t tell you about the next step in your life plan. So, we are here to tell you what it’s really like to work in a salon. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Every Day Is Arm Day

Who needs the gym when you have blown out 6 clients today? Regardless of the service, the chances are you are going to be using those cosmetology muscles to get the job done. Long layers on a client with hair to her waist? No problem, you got this!

Your Coworkers Become Family

When you spend 40+ hours a week with people, you get to know them better than they know themselves. As with any job, you will gain relationships with your coworkers but in a salon, it’s a little bit different. You work hard, you play harder, you support each other, you give help where help is needed and ultimately you always have each other’s backs.

You’re on Your Feet, A LOT

A lot of stylists, that are new to the salon environment, are surprised at just how much they are on their feet. We know that style usually trumps comfort but trust us when we say, you’re going to want some comfy kicks for those 10 hour shifts or constant standing.

You Are Continually Growing as a Stylist

When you are surrounded with talented, creative artists all day, you are bound to learn new things all the time. One of the best things about being in a salon is the support system you have. All the friends that have turned into family will be there to support your dreams and help you when you find yourself in a slump. Being able to bounce ideas off of your coworkers with nurture an environment of grown and success.

Selling Product Is Important

Remember all those eye rolls you gave your instructor during your product knowledge classes? Turns out that they were right the whole time. Product knowledge and sales are pertinent to the success of your cosmetology career. A lot of salons offer a certain amount of commission for each product sold, and who doesn’t love extra money on their paycheck? Even if you aren’t making commission, providing your clients with the appropriate products is still important. Your hair efforts can quickly be thrown out the window if they head home and start using janky, drug store products!

Every Day Is Different

Your days will never look the same! Monday you might have nothing but haircuts and Tuesday might be packed full of colors. Throw in a brow wax or conditioning treatment and you’ll be thankful that your career gives the ability to have unique days, each and every day.

Time Management Is Seriously Important

When you have to monitor your books, balance multiple clients, find time to eat lunch and save just enough time to clean up your station and make it home in time catch your favorite reality TV series, you’ll realize the importance of managing your time well. There is nothing more stressful than running 30+ minutes behind to your next client. At first, you’ll probably get frazzled here and there but after a while, you’ll be a pro at time management.

What’s your favorite or least favorite part of working in a salon? Tell us in the comments! Does working in a salon environment sound like your dream job? Check out our programs and see if a career in beauty is right for you!