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Styles come and go. While we hope some styles stick around forever, like leggings, others just need to disappear. Here are a few retro styles that we hope never make a fashion appearance again. Ever.


Business in the front, party in the back, and bad all over. The mullet was never a good style. We truly believe this style started off as a dare and progressively got worse. If you’re interested in knowing their history, there’s a site for that.

Bowl Cut

We get it, your mom cut your hair all through elementary school and even into middle school. But that does not justify you having a bowl cut. Moms and Dads everywhere should leave the hair cutting to the professionals.

(Image: Reddit TheOctoPuss)

(Image: Reddit TheOctoPuss)

80’s Hair of Any Kind

The 80s were just a bump in the road of hairstyling. We like to pretend they didn’t exist. Hair that should not come back from this era: Perms. High-teased curls. Feathering. Basically everything.

(Image: Denverpost)

(Image: Denverpost)

Liberty Spikes

Noooooooooo. Whoever invented these just wanted to torture us.

(Image: Buzzfeed)

(Image: Buzzfeed)

Chunky Highlights

Highlights are supposed to add subtle dimension to your hair. They are not supposed to be a color block pattern.




We don’t mind a little crimping these days, but when your crimps make your hair wider than a truck, you have to back off.

Long Hair, Bald on Top

(AKA skullets)
This one goes out to the guys. Please don’t let your hair grow out everywhere when you’re balding on the top. We’re begging you.

Whatever This Is

We don’t know how to classify this style, but we sure hope we don’t see it coming back from the grave anytime soon.

The Bald Ponytail

If you’re balding, dudes, just let it happen. Don’t make a sad attempt to salvage your ponytail.

The Oil Slick

Using oils in your hair is not a bad practice. Making sure you don’t go overboard is essential.

Do you have any bad, throwback hairstyles to share? Post in the comments below! If you’ve found yourself sporting a less-than stylish cut or color now, visit our salon to see what we can do to help!