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The Salon Professional Academy Blog

2017 is slowly ticking to a close. As it prepares to leave us with memories of Blorange hair, glitter parts, and neon lipstick other amazing trends are waiting in line to take their place.

While we may not have a crystal ball that can tell us what the biggest hit of 2018 may be, we do have an idea of all the amazing looks and trends that are waiting for us.

At The Salon Professional Academy St. Louis we pride ourselves on staying up to date in all things beauty. Here are our predictions for what is going to make 2018 even brighter and beautiful than last year!

The Color of the Year

Every year Pantone releases the color that they expect to do great and beautiful things. This years color is no exception. With its rich tones and vibrant hue we are excited to see all the amazing things we can do with Ultra-Violet.

The Year for Self-Care

While we saw some of this last year, it’s going to explode in 2018. If you don’t think self care is beauty, just think of the glow you will have both inside and out after meditation, massages, facials, self-discovery books, and more.

Go Bare

Year after year we see our trends going toward natural styles and looks. From the beautiful kinky natural hair, to a fresh faced look, this trend is not going anywhere! That’s okay, with new makeup techniques and products coming out daily, there has never been a better time to go all-nat-u-r-al

Androgynous Beauty

The focus on beauty and style that pushes the boundaries of gender roles has never been as popular as it is now, and we see that continuing in 2018. From half shaved heads, undercuts, and razored brows, these bold looks are only getting bolder. Embrace your own unique identity with a cut and style that speaks to who you are inside; let yourself glow.

Never Leave the Sparkle

Get ready to glitter everyday! There are more products than ever that are featuring some intense sparkle for everyday use. While we don’t see the glitter part catching on again, sparkling everyday is here to stay.

Curls for Days

If you have ever wanted to have curly hair, but were nervous of going the perm route – your time is now. Seen on runways for the last few weeks the perm is making a comeback in a big way. And, with new techniques and styles perms have never looked so good

Are you ready for the next year in beauty? What is your favorite look?

If you are ready to embrace all the amazing things that are coming schedule a service in our student salon today. We would love to create a look that will send heads turning long before others.

*All services performed by students under the direct supervision of licensed professionals.