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The Salon Professional Academy Blog

Are you considering beauty school but are feeling overwhelmed? School options, an unknown change, or even the fear of failure can keep people from following their dreams. At The Salon Professional Academy St. Louis we are committed to you and to your dreams!

From our teachers to our curriculum we are ready to help prepare you for whatever may come. If you are considering beauty school and are confused about where to go, or what might await you, take a peek into life and passions at TSPA St. Louis.

Love and Life at TSPA St Louis

Sometimes pursuing a career in cosmetology takes more than just a love of hair. Sometimes you have to find something deep inside of you that will push and motivate you to do your best. With fellow students and teachers by your side, however, you will not only conquer anything that comes your way, you will grow from the journey.

We found our inner strengths

That support goes beyond overcoming struggles, it’s fueled in the day to day accomplishments and growth. Finding like minded people who share your passions can be hard sometimes, but at TSPA St. Louis we have a whole tribe of them. Ready to make friends that last a lifetime? We are waiting for you.

We found our friends, our tribe

Pursuing a career in beauty takes more than a love of all things beauty, it’s a passion for change and growth that infects not only you but everyone around you. It’s that passion that each of our teachers share with their students, igniting the drive in each of our students to create more than beautiful hair. They will create beautiful futures.

We found our love and passion

A future in cosmetology may be something you have dreamed of for years, or it may be something that you have recently found a passion for. No matter what has brought you to our school we are ready to help you make it exactly what your heart desires.

We follow our dreams and create our future

For more information contact us today and come in for a tour. See the amazing future that is waiting for you. With a future full of amazing possibilities, fueled by your creative passion there is no reason to keep putting off that dream.

Come in today!

Find out more and follow your dreams