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The Salon Professional Academy Blog

2019 is already underway, and we’re seeing some fashion trends of 2019 taking over social media streams! Here are some of our favorite styles that we guarantee you’ll be wanting to try:

Messy Bun + Tendrils

Even though it was popularized by Meghan Markle, you don’t have to be royalty to rock the messy bun. Coupled with gently curled tendrils to frame your face, this style says casual-classy like no other.

Orbit Nails

If you’re looking for an eye-catching new style you can’t go wrong with the orbit nail. The orbit nail, also sometimes called outline nails, matches simplicity with modern chic. You can count on your friends doing a cartoon-worthy double-take to get a better look at your gorgeous nails!

Rounded Bob

The rounded bob is making a comeback, and this throwback style comes with a flexible twist! You can rock your bob with a side part or go for a more classic look. Both are easy to maintain and look gorgeous when you wake up in the morning with little hassle or fuss.

Silver Eyeliner

Metallics are rising in popularity, and silver is the most versatile of them all. You can do a cat-eye streak for or a striking image, or you can go for a subtle style by lining the inner eye. The eye-catching silver lining on your eyes can put a silver lining on your day!

Gold Highlights

Balayage has been in style since it was invented, and that remains true to this day. Gold highlights come in all shades, ranging from rose to copper. As the weather warms up, consider a warm, summery gold balayage highlight to give your look a major pop! The bright and shiny gold is the perfect way to frame your face beautifully.

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2019 is looking to be a beautiful year! If you’ve been inspired to try some of these beauty trends, a career in beauty could be in your future. You can learn the ins and outs of hair, skin, and nails at The Salon Professional Academy in St. Louis. We offer programs in cosmetology and esthetics so you can choose to focus on what you are most passionate about. Contact us today to learn more about it!