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Ready for something new? Changing your hairstyle is a great way to freshen up your look for the season. If you want a change but not sure what look to go for, we’ve picked our favorite trending men’s haircuts for 2018. Whether you want something long, short, or in-between, check out these stylish haircuts below.


The undercut has been popular for a few years and it’s not going anywhere in 2018. The good thing about an undercut is that there’s no short supply of variation. You can do an undercut with long hair on top or keep it short. A skin fade and beard look great paired with an undercut. If you have curly hair, it also looks stylish paired with the undercut. To really jazz it up, try an undercut paired with a pompadour, long fringe, or messy spiked hair. You can also shave designs into undercuts for an extra cool look.

Man with undercut.

Buzz Cut

If you’re feeling sick of your hair and want to make a statement, try a buzz cut. Plenty of dashing and dapper celebrities have sported this cut over the years, so why not try it out? Men with oval and square shaped faces can rock this minimalistic haircut. There are multiple versions of the buzz cut to choose from. The classic “military” buzz cut is just about as short as your hair can get without shaving your head. Alternatively, the crew cut is a more versatile style. This cut will leave you with some length so you have more styling options.

Handsome dark haired man with buzz cut.

Bro Flow

Who says guys can’t have long flowing locks? For men who want a laid-back look that’s also masculine, the bro flow is a great option. Whether you’ve got wavy hair, straight hair, or curly hair, you can pull off the flow. This hairstyle can look great on men of any age, so don’t be afraid to grow out your hair if you’ve got some greys. You can wear it with a beanie or in a half-up man bun. It also looks great with a well-groomed beard.

Older man with greying bro flow.


The voluminous blowout is not just for the ladies. A blowout for men usually features long hair on the top with shorter, faded sides. This hairstyle works well for straight hair, afros, and wavy hair. You can choose a super voluminous blowout for extra drama, a messy, textured blowout for something more laid-back, a spiked blowout for something edgier, or a quiffed blowout to combine trends.

Man with a curly blowout.


The comb-over is a classic hairstyle for men. It looks great with any hair texture or length and can work with a side part, undercut, or fade. Should you want to keep your hair longer with a comb-over, you can accentuate the part line with a hard part and comb all the hair to one side. Do you want to pair your comb-over with a fade? This style looks great with high fades, low fades, and skin fades. You can also style a comb-over with various hair lengths and textures.

Man with a blonde comb-over.

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