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If you are currently in the middle of your cosmetology program, just finishing up, or are considering getting a license in cosmetology, you might be wondering what kind of jobs you can get after you graduate. There are plenty of jobs and careers that cosmetologists have that can provide you with lifelong job satisfaction. If you find that you are interested in any of the following skillsets, you should give cosmetology school a try, and jumpstart your life in a rewarding career!

Specialty Jobs in Cosmetology

Game of Thrones HBO

There are many jobs that have their foundation in cosmetology. If you’ve ever been interested in theater or photography, consider these options:

Special Effects Makeup Artist

A special effects makeup artist is someone who provides all of the makeup for actors or models for a given project or film. This can range from something as simple as an everyday makeup look to full prosthetics like you see in horror films and fantasy TV shows like Game of Thrones.

Studio and Runway Stylist

Photographers and designers are constantly looking for makeup artists and cosmetologists to help with hair and makeup for their shoots. Whether it’s engagement photos, graduation pictures, or something exciting like fashion photography, you are needed to help style the shoot. As a cosmetologist, you can create some exciting and beautiful looks for your models, and improve your portfolio in the process!

Beauty Advisor

Not many people know about this, but there are plenty of up-and-coming designers and brands who are looking for help creating their aesthetic. They can be creating clothing or makeup or hair products, but they are in need of your help! If you’re interested in learning a lot about brand aesthetic and new trends, look into becoming a beauty advisor.

Classic Careers

These are the obvious careers that cosmetologists can attain. These are the jobs that new salons are constantly looking for. If you are interested in creating lasting relationships with clients and helping men and women alike feel beautiful and confident, then these are the jobs for you!

Hair Stylist

Love hair? Look into a career as a hair stylist. This type of work isn’t just cutting and coloring, either. As a hair stylist you can provide styling for proms and weddings as well as style models for local fashion events. People will appreciate your skill and you’ll likely have many clients who return to your services again and again.

Nail Artist

Cosmetology school is so multi-faceted that you can even specialize in nail art and design! If you love all of the new nail trends and styles, then this is the job for you! If this is your passion, check out your local nail salons and begin practicing to eventually compete in national competitions!


Skincare is becoming ever more important in today’s world. People are beginning to value more natural looks, and without clear skin, that can be difficult. Take advantage of this changing aesthetic and help people to have beautiful skin through a variety of methods. Learn about things like hair removal, chemical peels, and more with this program through cosmetology!

Cosmetology Instructor

If teaching and cosmetology are both passions of yours, combine them and teach future generations how to become excellent cosmetologists! You can teach seminars at local salons, or become a licensed professional at a cosmetology school. If you’ve always loved teaching but are uninterested in the everyday topics like math and writing, give this one a try.

Be Your Own Boss

Owning your own business

Not everyone wants to work for a salon or a team of stylists. If you are more interested in being your own boss, there are a few options that can be rewarding careers if you’re willing to work for them. If you have the passion to succeed in business, check out these career options!

Salon Owner

This one is definitely going to take a lot of hard work, but did you know you are capable of owning your own salon within a few years of graduating? If you want to inspire stylists and be in charge of your own hours and salary, look into opening your own salon.

Stylist Team

Perhaps you’ve really been enjoying your time as a stylist for photoshoots, fashion shows, and maybe even television and movies. If you find yourself wanting more than that, consider developing your own team of stylists. You will be in charge of creating your new company’s brand and aesthetic, and people will look to your team for makeup and styling as you grow and improve.

Obtaining a degree in cosmetology can open a world of possibilities!

You don’t have to settle for anything less than you deserve, so do your research and begin working toward a career that you will love! To get you started in your new lifestyle, TSPA offers an immersive and exciting program in cosmetology. Book a tour today to see if cosmetology school is the answer to all the questions you’ve been asking yourself!