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Halloween is almost here, and that means your inner ghost or goblin is dying to get out.

If you aren’t sure what little monster lives inside of you, ruling your passion, take our quiz to discover your Halloween spirit guide. Be it black cat, wolf or some other creepy haunt this is the perfect time of year to let the spooky shine.

Here are some easy, D.I.Y. costumes for each spirit animal result in our quiz.


she knows bat

That haunted ruler of the night and the companion to the ancient vampire lords. The bat enjoys being around friends and enjoying life.

The costume you make should match.

This tutorial by SheKnows can have you ready for the party in ten minutes flat with only a few accessories from the craft store. You’ll need black fabric, elastic and some glue to pull it off, but pair it with a little black dress and you are ready to go.


wolf costume tutorial

You are the respected, strong leader of your group, and you are loved by all. Although you can be a bit scary, this look is perfect for Halloween.

If you’ve got yourself a gray hoodie and some felt lying around, this easy costume by Lia Griffith will have you ready to howl at the moon before you know it. Get yourself a pack, or a girl in a red cape, and you are ready to go.

Black Cat

Do It Yourself Divas cat

This smart, stubborn creature is the epitome of the Halloween season. She slinks around corner and watches the world with wide eyes.

You’ve always a scaredy cat, don’t let that keep you away from the party. Plus, with the puuurfect costume laid out by the Do It Yourself Divas, you will be ready in no time. Easily paired up for any age, this costume will have everyone saying ‘meow’.

Spirit or Ghost

Press Print Ghost

You inner Halloween monster is the ruler of all Halloween. You slink through this season looking for chances to scare those around you and let your inner Halloween mischief rule.

Always the trickster, you need a costume that says just that. This easy look created by the crafty gals at Press Print Party is just up your alley to create the quick, and easy, look.


Are you ready for this perfectly spooky holiday? Don’t forget to take our quiz to find your perfect costume, and embrace your inner Halloween diva.